Friday, February 19, 2010

WE'RE FIFTH! YES, NUMBER FIVE (under google search for "rankmaniac 2010")

rankmaniac 2010
From rankmaniac 2010

Yayy! A big thank you to all the kindly strangers out there that linked us from your blog or simply visited this website!

1) The collegeconfidential jerks (just kidding, they are the best--please don't hurt me) removed our threads and banned The 2010 Rankmaniacs from CC! =( I understand if they block spammers but...we were adding value to the site by providing actual information! What jealous biotches :) Oh well, that won't stop us! If you have any questions regarding Caltech or anything--you're still welcome to comment.

2) Yelp update on Pasadena restaurant DISH bistro and bar

3) It is raining in SoCal ='(

4) Curling is a ridiculous sport. I thought the girls (very cute ones) were just cleaning the ice, little did I know they were actually playing a game!

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